Are you a business leader planning for significant growth this year?

... but wondering what's the smartest way to get there?

Dear Business Leader!

You've got the product.

You've got the market.


You know you should be able to make a substantial increase to your growth targets ...


the thing that's stopping you is your frustration with your company's level of performance when you know you should be doing so much better! 

What if you were to find out that there are proven methods used by companies like Google, Facebook and the fastest growing companies in the world within their technology teams that are now being applied to leadership teams?

Introducing: Scrum for Leaders

Scrum is an agile framework that empowers your team to consistently improve their productivity, work enjoyment and flow by eliminating wasteful activities and focusing on activities that create the most meaningful outputs.

Scrum is especially successful in situations

  • where you want to increase performance without overwhelming your team
  • where you want quick feedback loops to see what's working and what's not
  • and if things go pear-shaped, to fail fast so you move on quickly

The major benefits of using Scrum in Business are

  • JUST-IN-TIME Planning
  • Work on HIGH PRIORITY Tasks at all times
  • FOCUS without being side-tracked

I'm excited about how the Agile Scrum Framework is changing the world of leadership.

Below are different options how I can assist you to implement this proven system that keeps your team focused on the highest priority activities and sees your business thrive.

If your situation requires a more bespoke approach, contact me at I look forward to working with you for maximum results.

Create an Agile Roadmap

Fast Growth for Agile Entrepreneurs


If you are a business owner, with one to two team members and you want to set up this framework in your Business, one option is to join a small group Mastermind made up of other Business owners.

The meetings are held fortnightly for three months. During the mastermind meetings you will be lead through the Planning, Set-up and Implementation phases and can ask any questions to incrementally improve productivity within your Business.

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High Performance for Agile Teams


If you have a larger team and want a professional project manager to help you plan your three month road-map and set up the structure with your team, then the on-site Workshop option will be more suitable.

Together with your team all the tasks required will be planned and prioritized to meet your targets. The workshop also includes role playing the different types of Scrum meetings to ensure they are effective and productive.

The fortnightly follow up meetings help you make adjustments and improvements. In addition, you have unlimited email access during the three months to ask any questions.

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Which option works best for you?

Fast Growth for Agile Entrepreneurs

  • small group Mastermind
  • guidance from an experienced professional Project Manager
  • a one-on-one call to understand your business and what you want to achieve
  • a guide to help you plan, set up and implement the Scrum for Leaders™ Methodology
  • six fortnightly virtual Video Mastermind calls where you can ask any question and share lesson's learned to help each other
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Fast Performance for Agile Teams

  • on-site done-with-you workshops
  • guidance from an experienced professional Project Manager
  • a one-day on-site three-month road-map planning Workshop
  • a half-day on-site planning workshop of the first two-week cycle; setting up the framework and implementing the Scrum for Leaders™ Methodology
  • six additional follow-up meetings at the end of each fortnightly cycle to ensure the habit of prioritizing, evaluating and adjusting is entrenched
  • unlimited email support during the three months we work together
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Our Process

Reading up on a system is one thing, implementing a system that delivers on its promises is another. Especially when it comes to establishing a system and rhythm that is aligned with your company's culture so it becomes the norm to continuously produce high performing results.

Needs Analysis

No organization, no project is the same - a single solution won't fit every situation. The first step is to understand your requirements and what you want to achieve. For smaller businesses this can be done via a discovery call or if you are in Wellington, over a cup of coffee. If you have a larger organization, we will need to spend a few hours together and discuss the complexities and dynamics you are facing before we can agree on next steps.


We'll go through a process of a top-down approach to minimize the overwhelm and get clear on what you want to achieve and what can be achieved. Once you have your three month promotion plan road map we drill down into six two-week cycles; prioritizing the sequence in which the results are to be delivered.

Implementation Framework

We then set up and adjust the Scrum framework with your team so they take ownership of the process. This will consist of knowing what happens during the two-week delivery cycle; how to start, the daily activities and how to end each cycle, allowing your team to make consistent progress.

Follow-up Support Meetings

To bed down the methodology so it works for your team at an optimal level, fortnightly support meetings will help you clarify the process as you implement it. These meetings help you get into a habit of prioritizing, evaluating and adjusting both the process as well as how you achieve your targets.

Ute Lambrecht

Ute (pronounced Ootay) Lambrecht is a professional project manager who uses her experience in the IT field to help business leaders who are frustrated with their company's level of performance to implement a proven system that keeps your team focused on the highest priority activities and sees your business thrive.

Ute holds a BSc Degree in Computer Science and has delivered multi-million dollar IT projects for large Corporate, Higher Education and Government organizations with teams located across cities, countries and even continents.

As an accredited Flow Consultant using the Talent and Wealth Dynamics profiling system, Ute combines her experience in managing project teams with bringing out the best in each team member.

Every organization, every project is different. Ute will help your team set up a proven structure that is aligned with your company's culture; is easy to manage, and enables your team to continuously perform at high levels without the overwhelm.

Ute is a South African by birth, is a German National and currently lives in Wellington, New Zealand.

Join the Top Companies using Scrum

What People say

    Before I took the program, I had spent 4 months not achieving my goal of creating and marketing a new service. This program gave me a structure that I could put in place to achieve my goal. It also made me think about who was doing what tasks and making sure that I was not doing things that other people could be doing. After two and a half months the service is set up and ready to go and the marketing went live today. This program was simple and effective and enabled me to achieve in 2 1/2 months what I had not been able to do in the 4 months before. Knowing that Ute was always available if needed was reassuring. I would recommend this program to anyone who has a goal and wants to achieve it. I can now use this system for all my future goals.
    Coaching I'm really good at. Running a business not so. I have a history of working long, busy hours, yet never really feeling the results. This program has radically changed that. I discovered just how many of those hours added zero value to my immediate goals. I can now commence each fortnight feeling wonderful clarity and enthusiasm, knowing that in a short two weeks many of my mini-goals will have been met, bringing me ever closer to my personal definition of success. I love Ute's approach within the masterminds - insightful, encouraging and tailored to suit individual scenarios. I can highly recommend this program for entrepreneurs, most especially those who feel like running a business is becoming a real trudge.
    Before taking Ute's program, I was all over the place with what aspects of my business to work on from day to day - I was in a state of pure overwhelm! I spent a lot of time doing zero of the right things. By the end of each day I didn't have a lot to show or be proud of. Getting it all out and down on paper was just so invaluable. Once you see what needs to be done, it takes all of the anxiety and stalling away. The daily check-ins were terrific - keeping me on point. Sometimes it was hard to report that I had issues or that I didn't achieve anything for a day. But in doing so you start seeing patterns in your own behavior. And if you see patterns, you can implement workarounds. While I did reset several times during the quarter, by the end of it I had more clarity than ever, and produced my first ever eBook. I have a documented sales funnel and my business objectives and tasks are clearly known and understood. Now it's just a matter of waking up, checking my board, and getting into action - no more spinning!
    As a digital entrepreneur I’m facing several challenges as I’m moving forward to manifest my goals. One of them is to prioritize my tasks, so that I can focus on my daily activities in realizing my goals. Another one is to have a clear overview, an eagle's eye perspective of all the tasks that I’m planning to do. Ute's program has helped me to overcome these challenges - in a big way. What I learnt from this program is that simple, daily tasks could help me to regain clarity and focus. I loved to break down my goal for the 3-month period in doable, daily activities and have a clear overview of what I’m actually doing. The exercise with jotting down the tasks on post-it notes and putting them on the wall really supported me in getting things done. I cherished the moments when I could check a finished task each time. Ute Lambrecht is a dedicated, kind and wholehearted leader who is here to serve. She’s highly committed to help you reaching your goals.


We regularly hold webinars where we answer questions on Scrum; what's it all about; how it can be adjusted so it fits in with your business' culture; and many more questions.

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